A Night for Relaxing


The bright ball of fire glistens on the cool blue water.

As the sun sets the gritty sand slowly cools.

The hills from afar darken as the day comes to an end.

The once blue sky changes from red to yellow to orange.

The air turns from a warm humid day to a cool misty night.

The waves roared throughout the day, but as the sun sets they calm and gently creep up the surface.

It is a perfect, gentle night.

A night for relaxing.


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Home is my favorite

What is your favorite?  Do you have that one favorite or special thing?  I do and out of all the things, people, and places my favorite is my home.  I love knowing that at the end of the day I can come home and feel astonished and I can just relax.  I love knowing that when I get home I will be safe.

Each room of my house serves a different purpose for me.  The living room is one of my favorite parts of the house.  The living room is filled with different things.  One thing being a couch.  I love that the couch is so relaxing, even though it is not that comfortable any more because of all the new people it meets. It is still part of my everyday life.  It is also where we sit to watch movies as a family.  I truly love watching movies as a family.

Another one of my favorite rooms in my house is the kitchen.  I love going into the kitchen and being able to cook and create anything I want.  I also love cooking something really good and then see the amassment on my families face when they try it.  I love to cook!

My last favorite room in my house besides our basement is my bedroom.  My bedroom is great for many things like hanging out, sleeping and most of all writing.   I love to sleep in my room.  It is so comfortable and relaxing just like the couch in the living room.  The most fascinating part about it though is the fact that I can write in there and come up with some pretty magnificent stories.  When I do Power of the Pen, which is a writing competition, and when we have practices I like to take my writing home and finish it in my room.  It is just so quiet and calming in there.  It definitely makes me think better and it lets my creative juices flow.

My house really is my favorite place to be in the whole wide world.  Every room in my house is special, but the living room, kitchen and my bedroom are my favorites.  So what is your favorite?

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If I could create an international holiday it would be called Family Food and Movie Marathon Day.  This day would be celebrated on the first day of spring, celebrating family, spring, food and movies.

On this day every restaurant would be closed except the one at your own home.  On Family Food and Movie Marathon Day your family gets together and cooks food of all kinds.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  The twist, though, is that you not only cook your favorite dishes , but also try some of your oldest ancestors dishes.

After you are done cooking lunch and dinner there will be a contest held at your city school.  The family whom has the best cooked breakfast and lunch will win the contest and also a five-hundred dollar reward.  You can then go home and enjoy a nice supper.

Throughout the day your family would play games, talk and laugh.  As the day winds down and after you have gone to the contest and eaten dinner it will be time to spend more family time by watching movies all night.  I would prefer to have a Little House On The Prairie Marathon with my family.

Once everybody has gotten to tired to watch anymore of the marathon they will probably go to bed.  When everybody wakes up they will hopefully have enjoyed the Family Food and Marathon Day.

If Family Food and Marathon Day was an international holiday it would definitely be a great way for families to bond.

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About Charles


This is an “about Charles”.  I already did an about me so for school we picked names out of a container and we did an about me about a classmate.  I drew Charles and I encourage you to visit his blog at http://charlesdle.edublogs.org/.


Talk Show Talent (Ep 1)

Talk Show Talent!  Check out my cousin Kaelynn and her uncle Jacob in their new series called Talk Show Talent.  It is pretty funny and I hope you enjoy watching their episodes.  You can check out my blog for more episodes or you can go to Youtube and search Talk Show Talent.  Enjoy!

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Vote For McDowell Exchange School

McDowell Exchange school has signed up at NBC4 Make A Difference Grant to win kindles.  In order for us to win we need as many people as we can to vote.  We would love to have some kindles to be able to read more and have a larger selection of books to choose from.  All you have to do is click the link in the first sentence or this link and it will take you to the NBC4 Make A difference Grant.  Once you are to the web page click voter registration and fill out the information needed on the registration.  Then submit it and confirm it on your email.  Next log into your account you just made and click the vote tab.  Finally find our school, McDowell Middle School, and click save vote.  Now you will have voted for our school and we can hopefully get those kindles.  VOTE!

Giraffe Frenzy

Slurp! The giraffe’s tongue just licked Loralei’s hand.  His tongue was huge, and it actually looked rough.  Loralei’s hand was so small compared to the giraffe’s tongue it was almost like the giraffe was going to eat her hand off.

Here we were at the Columbus Zoo on this glorious day.  We had decided to bring my two cousins, Natasha and Loralei.   Once we arrived we all decided we wanted to see the giraffes.  We knew before we even made it over to the giraffe exhibit that it was going to be an amazing experience for all of us.  Especially since Natasha and Loralei have only been to the zoo maybe once before.

As we arrived to the giraffe exhibit we realized we could feed them.  The sign said it cost three dollars for a couple pieces of lettuce. Even though the cost was little high for us we stood in line amongst all the other people who wanted to see and feed them.  We had stood in line forever and we were practically dying of thirst.  We were also horrified by the smell.  It had the stench of waste and animals who had not taken a bath.  On top of that Loralei was getting very antsy and definitely needed a diaper change. The thing was is that we had left the diaper bag along with the stroller outside of the exhibit.  In order to be able to get it we would have to walk back to the entrance area.  There was no way we were going to walk back that far and lose our spot in line.  So to calm her down we decided to take some pictures together.  Once we had taken some pictures together with my brother, Chance, Natasha, Loralei and me it was our turn to feed the giraffes.

When we stepped up there we were literally face to face with the them.  The giraffes were so tall, their necks were longer than a yard stick.  Their spots were so beautiful.  It looked like they had hundreds of spots.  No spots were alike and no two giraffes were alike.  They also looked really soft.  Even the end of their tail looked like a gigantic puff ball.  I wish we could have petted them, but we weren’t allowed just in case something would happen.  Like them biting us or the giraffes getting spooked.  Even though we were not allowed to pet them seeing them was truly amazing!

What was even more amazing than seeing how tall the giraffes were and their beautiful spots, was feeding them.  As we held the wilted lettuce up to the giraffes’ mouth their tongues touched our hands.  It was so fun.  As our hands were licked we were astonished.  Mostly because their tongues were rough and we thought they would be smooth like how the fur looked.  At the end, Natasha and Loralei wanted to feed the giraffes even more.  We all wished we could have fed them more, but it was just too much money to pay for all of us again.  All of us still really loved it!

Feeding and seeing the giraffes really was an amazing experience,  even if it stunk really bad and Loralei was getting antsy.  Besides all that, the best thing of the whole experience was spending time with family.  I learned so much that day at the exhibit.  No matter how long you wait in line or what you see or what it smells like spending time with family is always the best.  Sometimes it is even the funniest.  Nothing can change family and spending fun times with them.  It really is always better to be with family.

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