Giraffe Frenzy

Slurp! The giraffe’s tongue just licked Loralei’s hand.  His tongue was huge, and it actually looked rough.  Loralei’s hand was so small compared to the giraffe’s tongue it was almost like the giraffe was going to eat her hand off.

Here we were at the Columbus Zoo on this glorious day.  We had decided to bring my two cousins, Natasha and Loralei.   Once we arrived we all decided we wanted to see the giraffes.  We knew before we even made it over to the giraffe exhibit that it was going to be an amazing experience for all of us.  Especially since Natasha and Loralei have only been to the zoo maybe once before.

As we arrived to the giraffe exhibit we realized we could feed them.  The sign said it cost three dollars for a couple pieces of lettuce. Even though the cost was little high for us we stood in line amongst all the other people who wanted to see and feed them.  We had stood in line forever and we were practically dying of thirst.  We were also horrified by the smell.  It had the stench of waste and animals who had not taken a bath.  On top of that Loralei was getting very antsy and definitely needed a diaper change. The thing was is that we had left the diaper bag along with the stroller outside of the exhibit.  In order to be able to get it we would have to walk back to the entrance area.  There was no way we were going to walk back that far and lose our spot in line.  So to calm her down we decided to take some pictures together.  Once we had taken some pictures together with my brother, Chance, Natasha, Loralei and me it was our turn to feed the giraffes.

When we stepped up there we were literally face to face with the them.  The giraffes were so tall, their necks were longer than a yard stick.  Their spots were so beautiful.  It looked like they had hundreds of spots.  No spots were alike and no two giraffes were alike.  They also looked really soft.  Even the end of their tail looked like a gigantic puff ball.  I wish we could have petted them, but we weren’t allowed just in case something would happen.  Like them biting us or the giraffes getting spooked.  Even though we were not allowed to pet them seeing them was truly amazing!

What was even more amazing than seeing how tall the giraffes were and their beautiful spots, was feeding them.  As we held the wilted lettuce up to the giraffes’ mouth their tongues touched our hands.  It was so fun.  As our hands were licked we were astonished.  Mostly because their tongues were rough and we thought they would be smooth like how the fur looked.  At the end, Natasha and Loralei wanted to feed the giraffes even more.  We all wished we could have fed them more, but it was just too much money to pay for all of us again.  All of us still really loved it!

Feeding and seeing the giraffes really was an amazing experience,  even if it stunk really bad and Loralei was getting antsy.  Besides all that, the best thing of the whole experience was spending time with family.  I learned so much that day at the exhibit.  No matter how long you wait in line or what you see or what it smells like spending time with family is always the best.  Sometimes it is even the funniest.  Nothing can change family and spending fun times with them.  It really is always better to be with family.

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2 thoughts on “Giraffe Frenzy

  1. I enjoyed your comments about feeding the giraffes. I felt like I was there too with your very descriptive words. I can imagine how it must have been waiting for your turn. O had to laugh when you were talking about the smells and trying to keep your little cousin happy. I loved how you summed up the experience by stating the best part was spending time with your family. It was good that you wrote about both the hard part of waiting in line and the wonderful experience of feeding the giraffes. People who read this will know that the waiting was well worth it. It’s great that you have written about this experience and can look fondly back at your story in the years to come.

    • Thank you for the comments! The experience to the zoo really was amazing. I had a great time. Have you ever fed the giraffes?

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